Torlon applications are boundless considering the myriad combination of properties the material possesses.

Resistance to:

  • Chemicals
  • Corrosion
  • Creep
  • Fatigue

High Temperature

  • CUT = 275°C (525°F)

Light Weight

High Strength

  • Compressive
  • Modulus
  • Rigidity
  • Tensile

Super Stability

  • Thermal to 275°C
  • Dimensional
  • Machines like steel
  • Moldable Complex Geometries

Low coefficient of friction

  • Lubricated or Non-lubricated
  • Conformability (non-leaking)
  • Noise reduction

Non-conductive Grades

Semi-conductive Grades

Explore Torlon Applications

Grades referenced on this page are injection moldable. For extrusion grades go to: Solvay Specialty Polymers

Torlon grades 4275, 4301 and 4435 are RoHS Compliant.

Strength Grades

Torlon® 5030:

30% glass-fiber reinforced, offers high strength and modulus (10800 MPa: ASTM D1708). Thermal expansion characteristics similar to aluminum for excellent dimensional stability. These mechanical properties make 5030 ideal for metal replacement. Outstanding electrical properties make it ideal for connectors, switches and relays.

Torlon® 7130:

30% carbon-fiber reinforced, offers high strength and modulus (22300 MPa: ASTM D1708), exceptional creep resistance and good fatigue resistance. Thermal expansion characteristics similar to steel allow for close tolerance machining. 7130 is semi conductive and has a water absorption rate of 0.26% (ASTM D570). Ideal for metal replacement, sliding vanes, aerospace parts, impellers etc.

5030 and 7130 are RoHS Compliant.

Data Sheets

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Tight Machining Tolerances

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Complex Geometries

Friction Grades

Torlon® 4435:

Non-lubricated Applications

Designed to provide exceptionally low wear performance in non-lubricated applications even at high pressures and velocities, 4435 is perfect when lubrication is not possible or desired, or as a fail safe against loss of lubrication in lubricated systems.

Robust flexural and compressive stiffness from cryogenic to elevated temperatures allows for use in demanding load-bearing applications. A low coefficient of thermal expansion provides the ability to meet close tolerances over a wide temperature range, and allows the injection molding of complex geometries. Due to its electrically dissipative property, this grade may also be considered for anti-static functions.

Torlon® 4645:

Lubricated Applications

Possessing similar features to 4435, Torlon 4645 is designed to provide low wear performance in lubricated environments.

Torlon® 4275 &
Torlon® 4301:

Combine low coefficients of friction with high tensile strength and modulus to produce superior wear resistance, while maintaining mechanical properties, in high velocity and pressure conditions.: ideal for thrust washers, spline liners, valve seats, bushings, bearings, wear rings, cams, etc.

For specifics on grades 4275 and 4301 click on links below.