Molder of High Performance Polymers

Arburg Verticle Injection Molding Machine

The chemical complexity, extremely high melt temperatures (three to five times greater than commodity plastics) and unusual molding characteristics of high performance polymers (HPP) require a molder that specializes in molding them.

China Array has the requisite HPP engineering and processing expertise, high heat tool making capability, specialized resin prep and processing equipment, stringent quality control, and intellectual property protection to fulfill the most demanding high performance polymer molding job.

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China Array executes sophisticated high performance polymer applications seamlessly from concept to full scale production for customers worldwide.

Polymer Color Chips

Polymers Molded:

25 to 200 Ton Capacity:

Vertical and Horizontal

arburg injection machine


  • Injection
  • Insert Molding
  • Over Molding
  • Compression
  • Structural Foam
  • Gas Assist
  • Gas Counter Pressure

Specialty Molding

matsui dryer

Equipped for Molding High Performance Polymers

Arburg and Welltec injection molding machines, with Bosch hydraulic valves, Intermot high torque motors, nitrate hardened alloy screws and barrels, and ceramic heater bands, develop pressures and speeds 40% higher than others in their class. Xaloy screw/barrel assemblies are used for specialized applications.

Wittmann oil mold temperature controllers maximize cycle effectiveness. Matsui desiccant resin dryers (shown at left) prepare resins to tight drying tolerances, which are measured with a Sartorius-Omnimark moisture analyzer down to 500 ppm.