Torlon®/Electrical Insulating Components for Commercial Aircraft

Generating high voltage in confined spaces, such as self-contained auxiliary power units and distributing power in densely packed aerospace control panels presents the dual challenge of electrical insulating and heat accumulation. Torlon® Polyamide-imide (PAI), with remarkably High resistivity and high deflection temperatures (to 282 C), meets these challenges better than comparable materials, and at a lower cost point.

Torlon® combines exceptional insulation and thermal properties with weight savings (up to 70% versus stainless steel), flame retardation (Limiting Oxygen Index over 50%), and vibration and noise dampening.


Torlon’s capability to be molded into intricate, thin-walled geometries allows components to fit into confined spaces and accommodate cables, hoses and other aeronautical hardware.

Its chemical and corrosion resistance to jet fuel, hydraulic fluid and de-icing solutions is superior to that of aluminum and other traditional materials, thereby greatly extending longevity.

A Performance Molder for Performance Polymers

China Array’s integrated manufacturing processes, involving in-house materials engineering, tool design and construction, and processing dedicated to high performance thermoplastics, insures that Torlon’s exceptional properties will be fully realized in the finished product. The company molds a variety of insulating components for power generation and management in commercial aircraft that conform to AS9100 standards.