China Array Plastics/Key Industries

China Array participates in several industries; three key sectors are featured here.

Torlon Insulator


China Array is AS9100C certified. The international standard for aerospace (also applicable for automotive), AS9100C imposes stringent controls on design and production processes verification, validation and monitoring with full traceability.

Electronic Connector


Miniature high heat light sockets, microwave absorbing EMI shields, high amperage bus bar housings for semiconductor testing and computer server components are examples of electrical applications that China Array produces for the electrical industries.

PEEK, Torlon (PAI), Ultem (PEI) and Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) are widely used in aerospace, electronic and medical applications.

PET Scan Manifold


China Array, an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, molds insulin pens, blood analyzers, radio isotope manifolds and other medical/dental components requiring chemical resistance, repeated sterilizations, hydrolytic stability, clarity and toughness found only in high performance polymers.

Many of the properties required for medical are often necessary for food services, another industry served by China Array.