Lids for Commercial Food Processors

These industrial food processing lids highlight China Array Plastics’ expertise in molding high-performance thermoplastics for the food services industry.

The company has been manufacturing dairy equipment market for over 30 years. Moving into the food services arena, which has many of the same issues of sanitation, chemical resistance, and durability as the dairy industry, has been a natural extension.

Working with SABIC Innovative Plastics, China Array Plastics selected the optimum food grade of Lexan PC resin for the new Robot Coupe replacement lid. The resin is well-suited for filling out large, structural parts – such as the 14 in. diameter lid – while keeping stress low. This resulted in greater strength, durability, and overall performance.

The lid molds to an absolute smooth finish with brilliant clarity for superior cleaning, sanitation, and visibility.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Resistant to Alkaline Detergents
  • Impact and Wear Resistant
  • Excellent Clarity
  • FDA Approved

All materials are FDA compliant, stand up to extreme temperatures and repeated use under harsh conditions ensuring safe, cost-effective for use in the food service industry.

The lid features excellent cleanability, chemical resistance, impact strength and dimensional stability, and has excellent resistance to cleaning agents and high temperature steam washing.


In addition to being injection molded from tough, virtually unbreakable Lexan polycarbonate resin, the replacement lid for the Robot Coupe Model R8 Food Processor also features a liquid silicone molded gasket, a lost wax molded stainless steel turnbuckle and heat staked stainless steel inserts, and is coated with FDA compliant materials.

The thick silicone gasket, running around the perimeter of the lid, provides a positive seal during operation. Silicone resists food fats, chemicals and high temperature cleaning. The lost wax method of molding stainless steel lends strength and a smooth, hand polished appearance to the locking turnbuckle.

Specially profiled stainless steel inserts, heat staked into the lid, minimize stress to the plastic. A final coating with FDA compliant materials helps maintain clarity and chemical resistance over the life of the lid.