Polycarbonate (PC)/Domes for CCD Cameras

China Array manufactures high-clarity domes made from super-tough Lexan* 143R-111 polycarbonate that provide weatherproof and distortion free enclosures for CCD cameras.

Lexan 143R-111 resin, a water-white, UV resistant grade of polycarbonate (PC), provides glass-clear, high-gloss transparency without yellowing.

The resin is resistant to direct sunlight, heat, rain, road dust, and extreme cold making it a natural choice to withstand the severe environmental conditions.



A polysiloxane (silicone) hard coating infused with UV absorbers, enhance the domes' glass-like appearance and further protects against haze and yellowing.

Micro-polished molds of hardened, specialty alloy steel produce domes with uniform, low Ra surface smoothness minimizing birefringence – double refraction of light – that causes visual distortion.

The part design incorporates a unique mechanical interlock for mounting, and is sealed with a weatherproof gasket.

* Lexan is a trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics