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Selecting the correct raw material for a high performance application is the most critical aspect of a project. It is the first step in creating a successful end product. Without the right material everything else (mold design, processing, post moldng etc.) will be ineffective.

China Array's engineers worked for decades at GE Plastics: the best training ground in the industry. Their experience encompasses chemical, mechanical and processing engineering. They take a multi-disaplined approach to material selection, and having worked in the area of failure analysis, they realize the importance of each decision on the end use of a product.

Call 413-499-9890 to speak to an engineer now, or send an e-mail below with a description and/or drawings of the part in question. China Array's engineers will commence a material selection process that will end with the best material for properties and price.

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China Array, with engineering offices in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA and a wholly owned, state-of-the-art injection molding and mold making facility in Wuhan, China, specializes in high performance thermoplastics.


Up load files instantly to find out what tooling and molding high performance polymers costs in China: response in 24 hours.

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