China Array Plastics/Company Overview

China Array utilizes a multi-discipline, multi-cultural strategy to manufacture high performance polymers (HPP) in China for a global customer base.

The firm's management has decades of experience in HHPs and in manufacturing in China. It has materials, design, tooling and processing engineers in the US and China who interface with customers and with the tool making and production teams in China to produce consistently high quality HPP components for a variety of industries and applications.

A quality HPP molder is a bridge between OEM customers and the resin manufacturers insuring that a resin's properties are fully realized in the finished good.


Due to their high cost and unique properties, high performance polymer components are virtually always mission critical for a customer. Once the decision is made that an application requires high performance polymers, everything down stream (design, molds, molding, packaging etc.) is defined by that decision.

However, well before that decision is made, the molding company must be set up and focused on HPP molding. Capital equipment, engineering, processing expertise, quality assurance protocols and a host of other details must all be geared toward molding high performance polymers.

China Array Plastics (CAP) is a US Limited Liability Corporation headquartered with engineering offices in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. China Array Wuhan (CAW), a high performance thermoplastics R & D, tooling and injection molding facility located in Wuhan, China, is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) owned 100% by China Array Plastics.


Intellectual Property Protection

China Array is sensitive to the issues OEM customers have regarding sourcing mission critical components in China: legal, quality, intellectual property protection and communications. As a US corporation, China Array executes non-disclosures, contracts and other legal agreements under US law.

The Chinese factory is a wholly owned subsidiary; nearly all aspects of manufacturing are done in-house. Utilizing state of the art CAD/CAM programs and telecommunications systems, China Array stays in contact with customers from inception to completion.


Manufacturing in China for Over 30 Years

Since 1980, China Array has been contract manufacturing stainless steel industrial components in China for export to the US and Europe. It has decades of experience in the machining, fabrication and polishing required for top quality post molding operations.

Complimenting its in-house production capabilities, China Array has developed an extensive network of trusted suppliers allowing it to make or out-source every conceivable accessory component a customer might need.

China Array, with engineering offices in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA and a wholly owned, state-of-the-art injection molding and mold making facility in Wuhan, China, specializes in high performance thermoplastics.


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